Salbuta Blog & Personal Responsive Blogger Template

Salbuta Blog & Personal Responsive Blogger Template Free Download
Template Name: Salbuta Blog & Personal Responsive
Platform: Blogger
Template Author: Orthemes

Salbuta is a blogger template. You can use it for multi purpose. It is responsive blogger template with modern grid light & gradient. It has multi layouts, column's and easily customized design with well explained documentation.

  • Salbuta is a fully responsive blogger template to work fine on all devices [Desktops, Laptops, Tablets & Smartphones]. 
  • Salbuta is also support RTL direction. It is based on UiKit 3 library that gives you a suitable topography concepts & have many other features. 
  • Salbuta blogger template has gradient, light & dark styles with many options to use. 
  • Salbuta has also 4 types of post layouts, like right sidebar, left sidebar, full width etc. It has 1 & 2 column's option. You can easily enabled or disabled sidebar in index, post or static pages or some of them.
  • Salbuta has a wavy style in header & footer. This can be enabled or disabled as you like. 
  • Salbuta has a sticky bavigation header on top while scrolling. You can be eanabled or disabled it anytime.
  • Salbuta has 2 menu options to select the first is drop down menu option as you seen on every free or paid blogger template and The second is mega menu option. You can use mega menu and drop down menu options many times.
  • Salbuta blogger template has a home page slider option in 2 styles (1- Slideshow, 2- Carousel).
  • Salbuta has a sticky last sidebar gadget on top while scrolling. It can be optional (enabled or disabled) as you like.
  • Salbuta has custom design with the grid post view option for the blog pages.
  • Salbuta has 3 amazing options. 1st option is a grid post view option to select between expanding and shrinking posts. 2nd option is grid post filter to sort posts using label names and the 3rd option is grid post image auto height. This option is for images, you can enable grid post image to auto-hieght & crop according to the width only modifier.
  • Salbuta has the infinite scrolling option to load more posts in the same page. It can be enabled or disabled as you like.
  • Salbuta supports images from YouTube videos. If your post does not contain images and contains a YouTube video, the YouTube video image will be automatically picked up.
  • Salbuta has plugins option where you put your social pages links.
  • Salbuta has a custom post comment system. It has a box with many emotions to be used by user. It is also support Disqus comment system.
  • Salbuta supports the blogger theme designer to change font colours, background etc.


I hope you like this free blogger template. If you have any issue related topic please comment us. If you want any paid blogger template for free so please type the name of template in comment box, i will upload that paid blogger template for free on this website.

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